Mixt Goods

Every once in a while you find a business venture with a heart and Mixt Goods fits that description. It's the brain child of a husband and wife team in Oregon who wanted to provide a market for artists and craftspeople that give them fair reward for their trade and honest prices for customers. Reward this honorable business by stopping and shopping.


Pozidriv said...

I love MixtGoods! Fair is right! For example, they don't charge any "handling fee." You only pay the exact amount it costs them to ship something to you, with no extra charges or fees.

I think the company is new but, I'm not sure. I recently saw an ad for MixtGoods in a magazine (I think it was Dwell?) and ordeerd some things. They are really nice quality stuff and it was not expensive at all! I'm definitely going to order more.


Susan E. Snyder said...

Yes, yes and yes. I couldn't agree more Bernie. I saw their add in Dwell as well, and that's how they got on the blog. I also sent them an email about my jewelry and am waiting to hear if they are interested in carrying it. Keep your fingers crossed. Please feel free to email me other sites that you like or with fair trade practices. I love to share that type of info. Thanks for looking and extra thanks for your comments.