Susan Snyder Jewelry, Modern Design - Elegant Minimalism

The launch of Susan Snyder Jewelry in January of 2016 is the culmination of fifteen years of studying, practicing and learning the creative and technical aspects of jewelry making. What drives this work is an intense attachment to simplicity, using line and form to create objects that evoke an emotional response that is both harmonious and captivating. For Susan, simplicity is sublime clarity and intelligibility. It is stripping things down to their most elemental forms, casting away what is unnecessary and keeping what is essential. Her goal is to create modern, minimalist beauty in the form of jewelry. She is passionately committed to bold yet versatile designs that are exquisitely crafted from the best raw materials. “I believe that when putting on a piece of jewelry, one should have a sense that they are wearing a work of art."

Our focus is on unique modern design and the highest quality of production. All work is designed and produced by hand in Portland, Oregon. Susan Snyder Jewelry uses only ethically sourced materials. For retail and wholesale purchasing, visit our website.


Neutral Interiors

I have a love of neutral interiors because I find them to be very soothing. While they aren't for everyone, there has been a growing interest in a neutral palette in interior design. They compliment modernism beautifully, yet have a timeless look. The introduction of wood and natural fibers and elements not only works well with this palette, it often softens a modern interior. Here are a few of my latest favorite.


Side Tables

I'm always searching for interesting furniture designs or alternative uses for certain pieces. Here are a few options for side tables for your home or apartment.


Art Basel Miami and Design Miami, 2012

Mark your calendars because Art Basel Miami and Design Miami are around the corner. Design Miami is growing quickly with a 25% increase in galleries exhibiting since last year. Both emerging and iconic design work from all over the world will be exhibited, but there will be a greater focus on American Design this year. The event will take place in Miami, Florida, December 5-9, 2012.

In addition to the first-time participation of Chicago-based Volume Gallery and Philadelphia-based Moderne Gallery, exhibitor Mark McDonald from Hudson will mount an homage to the Eames House, while R 20th Century will show works by Wendell Castle, the pioneer of the American studio furniture movement, and Carpenters Workshop Gallery presents lighting by Johanna Grawunder. Just a taste shown below!
Wendell Castle

Johanna Grawunder 

George Nakashima, From Moderne


Interesting Bags

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To Market, Branding With Good Design

Branding! A Brand is the idea or image of a product or service that the consumer connects with through the name, logo, slogan, website, packaging, and marketing material designs. Good branding uses great design. For more examples and links Visit - To Market


Modern Beauty in Rattan By Hiroomi Tahara

The Relation Collection by Hiroomi Tahara is constructed with metal tubes and a surface that is woven over them with rattan. The result is an interesting form that accents the leg structure underneath. It has a modern and organic look combined with great structural strength. Photos by Lorenzo Nencioni via MOCO