Susan Snyder Jewelry, Modern Design - Elegant Minimalism

The launch of Susan Snyder Jewelry in January of 2016 is the culmination of fifteen years of studying, practicing and learning the creative and technical aspects of jewelry making. What drives this work is an intense attachment to simplicity, using line and form to create objects that evoke an emotional response that is both harmonious and captivating. For Susan, simplicity is sublime clarity and intelligibility. It is stripping things down to their most elemental forms, casting away what is unnecessary and keeping what is essential. Her goal is to create modern, minimalist beauty in the form of jewelry. She is passionately committed to bold yet versatile designs that are exquisitely crafted from the best raw materials. “I believe that when putting on a piece of jewelry, one should have a sense that they are wearing a work of art."

Our focus is on unique modern design and the highest quality of production. All work is designed and produced by hand in Portland, Oregon. Susan Snyder Jewelry uses only ethically sourced materials. For retail and wholesale purchasing, visit our website.

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