The Egg Chair

Get yourself an egg to sit in. This is an organic pod like chair designed in 1959, but it holds up great today. Worried about how to hang it? Don't. You can also get a stand for it. At Unica.


thegreentones said...

Hi Susan great blog. I have just made a blog of my own featuring some of my stone carving. I live and work in New Zealand. Check it out maybe you will find it interesting. www.greentones.blogspot.com


Yana said...

Arne Jacobsen – one of the most influential furniture designers of the last century – has designed the lounge Egg Chair in 1956. Its reproduction has a molded fiberglass frame. Improvements include a fire retardant polyurethane foam with high quality crepe pure wool upholstery. This wonderful chair is presented in the Mojo Interiors webshop.