Noguchi, More Than A Coffee Table

Isamu Noguchi, born in Los Angeles in 1904, is well known for furniture design, especially this iconic coffee table still in production today. But Noguchi was a prolific sculptor and sought to make sculpture useful in everyday life, and his furniture and interior designs were part of that project. From the Noguchi Museum, NY, presenting a comprehensive collection of the artist's works in stone, metal, wood, and clay, as well as models for public projects and gardens.


Ralston said...

Absolutely gorgeous selection of Noguchi... You might also be interested in the little known years of Noguchi as a typical Indiana school boy. And speaking of art school, only very shortly after leaving Indiana he produced the stunning "Undine" sculpture as his own first art school sculpture, and now newly rediscovered in its bronze form.
Glenn Ralston

Susan E. Snyder said...

Glenn, Wow, thanks so much for the information. You know your stuff, that's clear. Also thank you for commenting. I like blogs due to their interactive nature. I'm glad you took advantage of that to our benefit.


Ralston said...
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