Small Space Interior Design Tips

Furniture on wheels is easy to move out of they way or use in another room.

Keep your furniture away from the walls even in small spaces.

Find creative ways to divide spaces.

Don't skimp on light fixtures. They finish a room, draw your eye up and make a room feel larger.

Buy the right sized furniture for the space. Not too big not to small, just right.

Keep accessories neat and organized and if you rent remember that when you design with accessories you can take them with you when you go.


Anonymous said...

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Joe Aldeguer said...

What a great blog. I kinda picked up small ideas with it. Thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

Add a Murphy bed to your space! This way you both double your space and increase occupancy. I would highly recommend looking into a wall bed in guest rooms and/or you main room if you live in a smaller studio. The amount of space you reclaim is outstanding.

Check out great designs & ideas from Old Creek:


Susan E. Snyder said...

Great idea. If you look under the bedroom section of the blog you will find a great option for murphy beds. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

natdalton said...

When you have a small space it can feel like you don't have many decorating options but I definitely don't think that is the case. I redecorated my small apartment recently and put in a murphy wall bed which freed up a lot of space and looks great. Thanks for your post!