The Womb Or Not The Womb

So how do you feel about buying knockoffs of famous pieces of furniture. Here is the Womb Chair and a knock off. Can you tell the difference? Even if you can't, does it matter to you that you would know you didn't have the real deal? See which is real below and comment about whether you would buy a knockoff like this.

From the top
photo 1 knock off
photo 2 real deal
photo 3 real deal
photo 4 knock off

Real Deal Chair $2645 Ottoman $774 Knock Off Both Pieces $895
I'm not giving links for this post. You'll just have to figure this one out for yourselves, but please comment on if you got it right and which would you buy.


Unknown said...

I can't really tell the difference but isn't the knock off from Paradigm Gallery? I bought one from them a couple of months ago and I really love it. The fabric is a little different but not big deal.

Susan E. Snyder said...

Yes the knock of is from Paradigm. How do you find the comfort of the chair? One thing I love about the original is it's the most comfortable chair I ever sat in.

Thanks for comenting. I've wanted to hear from people about this.

Unknown said...

It's pretty comfy. You won't be able to tell the differance between the original and the Paradigm Gallery version.

Annie said...

i would love to hear an update, has anyone else out there bought a paradigm (and how does it compare to the original). I am considering buying the paradigm but absolutely adore the original. my heart and wallet are torn.

is it comfortable? how is it wearing?

Unknown said...

I could never spend 3000 on one chair....