Buying Betty Cooke

It's not the first or the last time I will feature this amazing jewelry designer. She is my greatest inspiration and, in my opinion, the best modernest jewelry designer of all time. Betty Cooke is the epitome of minimal beauty in metal. These are some amazing designs currently available for sale.


Auerbach & Maffia said...

The above Betty Cooke jewelry can be found on auerbachmaffia.com
Please go to auerbachmaffia.com for a larger selection of Betty Cooke jewelry and other American and Scandinavian modernist jewelry for sale.

Susan E. Snyder said...

Thanks so much for the updated link. Not sure what happened to the link in the post but I'm greateful for your informational post. Gosh I love her work!

Susan E. Snyder said...

PS I love your store. I spend hours on your site. you really have some of the best there is.