Nakashima Visit

John Yarnel sweeping slate patio.

I ended my month off with a trip to the Nakashima Woodworker Studio in New Hope PA to pick up some chairs for work. Mira, George's daughter and her husband John still run the shop and are producing amazing work. Having spent time with them before I was so glad to be going and we spent about three hours with John, who worked with George for years and even helped build some of the stunning structures on the property, walked us through many of the buildings. It was an honor to spend so much time in the presence of iconic design. Of course the furniture is an modern organic joy but George's studio, office, and living spaces were transcendent. The modern architecture with a great deal of Japanese influence creates quite, calming spaces. Scattered throughout are objects from years of travel and pieces by Ben Shon and Harry Bertoia,close friends of Georges. All placed on the beautiful landscape of Bucks County PA with woods and ponds, its a true retreat. I asked John as we stood in a dwelling space that brought me to tears upon entering if it ever got mundane after all these years. In his quiet, Zen way he smiled a soft smile and shook his head no.

All modern designers should see this space for themselves. It reminded me that we live in an organic world and there is very much a place for that in modern design. My deep gratitude to George, Mira and John.

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