I Pod, What's you're perfect cover up?



Macware Eco-Envi

Whanganui Case

E-volve reversable

Julie Boyels

Hello! I know it has been a long time since I've posted but I'm back after some intense life changes. Since I was not posting during the wonderous event of the release of the iPad, I have to treat it like the old news that it is. But I wanted my first post to be related to my favorite technology.... Apple. Since I love my iPad and need a case for it what better place to start.

Choosing a cover for your iPad is a very personal thing. In addition to superb design it needs to be based on the function you're looking for in the cover or case. Is it an outer-skin so when you put it in your bag it doesn't scratch or is it a carry case with pockets, strap or handles? Form with your choice of function. So I included some interesting options for a variety of uses. Enjoy!

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