Twig Terrariums

As a child, I made terrariums as gifts for people. With my limited childhood funds, it was a wonderful way to give a beautiful, lasting gift that was always appreciated. In recent years terrariums have had a resurgence, and the results have been wonderful. These Twig Terrariums, from the Brooklyn based company, have playful figurines of a swimmer, sculptor, wedding couple, painter at his easel as well as others. They are a delight to gaze at and easy to care for. Photos from Fab and Twig Terrariums.

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Jenn @ Advertising Agency said...

These are so unbelievably cool. There was an artist who used to take pictures like this - I can't for the life of me remember what his name is, but he photographed miniatures like this and put them in a book. Great book - awesome concept!
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