Amy Lau Design

Amy Lau founded her interior design firm, Amy Lau Design in 2001, based on a personal design philosophy centered on curating rather than merely decorating spaces. Amy's interiors are organized according to modernist principles, compositions balanced in scale, texture and color, with a purpose for every object. She creates original and personal surroundings, not the same asthetic over and over again, but what I love about her spaces is they are not over designed. There is always that element of the modern filter. You must visit her site for amazing spaces.


C. Robin Janning said...


You constantly amaze me with the content of this blog. This post may be my favorite ever -- until tomorrow I suppose. Thank you. A visit here always makes me feel good.


Susan E. Snyder said...

Thank you Robin. It's wonderful to get that kind of feedback. I put a lot of time in to share what I love.