Salon Interior Design Project, Part One

I've been very busy working on an interior design job for a friend who is moving his salon to a new and much larger space. It's been a fun challenge. Salon design has evolved, especially with regard to modern interiors. There are a number of companies offering modern furnishings for this market, and I've looked at hundreds of stunning modern salon interiors. With that said, I've taken a more residential design approach to this project. I find that even these wonderful spaces and suppliers still have a "retail space" feel to them, and in an effort to create an individualistic space I wanted to add a more "modern home" feel.

Most of the high end suppliers of salon furnishings have all in one stations as their main option similar to these:

While they've are beautiful spaces and furnishings, there is still a trend in these designs. Here are some of the options I'm considering for the space.

I would like to use furniture such as console tables or dressers, table lamps, and framed mirrors along with styling chairs. I think it would make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the space. I will be posting on the design of the reception and waiting areas as well as other ideas for this project in future posts. I'd love your feedback!

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Anonymous said...

i love the mirrors with the shelves behind them,did you design these?can they be purchaced? thx,m