mkSolaire Home

The mkSolaire has been designed to bring healthy living to the city. Designed by Michelle Kaufmann, known for smart, efficient prefab, this open, spacious, loft-like home has been created to offer healthy, clean and green city living and is perfect for an urban-infill lot, or anywhere, you may want a loft-like home. Through the use of strategically designed roofs and windows, this home is perfect for areas without open vistas and large lot sizes by sculpting light and air into the center of the home without loosing privacy.

The mkSolaire meets the Energy Star program standards for energy efficient homes and meets the performance standards of the American Lung Association Health House program. It is a high performance home that is insulated with an air-barrier, open cell foam insulation. All wood-to-wood framing joints are caulked, which makes the home airtight, energy efficient, and less likely to produce mold. It includes water-saving plumbing fixtures, on-demand water heaters, and a mechanical ventilation system that is 30% more efficient than typical forced-air systems.

Most important is it's look. It's an open, spacious plan while still maintaining an intimate feel. This is not a huge home that includes wasted space that is expensive to heat and cool. It's size is just right and it's pure modern with beautiful materials. Visit the web site for this and other MK designs.


Unknown said...

Great imagination!!!
It's fantastic creativity!!!
I'd like to have it one day!!!

Susan E. Snyder said...

I agree. I think it's one of the nicer prefabs on the market. I'll take one too.
Thanks for stopping by,