The Redesigned MacBook

Well, my Mac Powerbook that I love beyond limits was dropped (not by me) and is no longer working. This explains my lack of posting this week. I'm waiting to see if five years worth of work can be extracted from the hard drive but in the meantime I came across the newly designed MacBook. It's unibody construction is a new design for Mac and I have to say it not only looks great but is very light. It has a back lit glass screen for great visuals and the multi-touch trackpad instead of the button mouse pad. If you happen to be near a Mac store stop in and give it a spin. In the mean time, I'm saving my pennies.


c said...

oooh oooh let me tell you, it's better than it looks! i switched two months ago from my well-loved powerbook to this macbook..and i haven't looked back..i find myself referring to it as my industrial chic macbook that glows beneath my fingertips as i write...

i do wish you the very best for retrieving those old files..fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

yes my friend the mac book is like the dream laptop for me. althouh it is now not a very costly thing to buy, but then, a lot of applications that i use are not compatible to MAC OS.
any ways the looks of this one is great and the more impotant is the features. i like the back light feature. the battery charging point is magnetic which is also very great. all in all a great thing to buy.
thanks for the images and post.
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Susan E. Snyder said...

Well I had my computer looked at and didn't have it fixed. I brought it home and took it apart, put it back together and it works! Who knows for how long, but I can't understand how it happened. Keep those fingers crossed.

mark said...

i'm not religious, but you've been granted a miracle. i was dumbfounded to read that you didn't have a backup of your hard drive. think you'll implement a backup system, this time?

with apple's time capsule, you literally "set it, and forget it":