Tilt-shift Photography, You Can Too

Above - A trial of Tilt-shift Maker on a photo of mine.

When I was studying photography for my BFA, I had never heard of tilt-shift photography. Since then I have come to love the look that one gets with this technique. This term refers to a narrowing of the depth of field in a photo. In layperson terms, this means narrowing the area or range of focus in a photo. In most landscape photos, a camera provides a long range, from the front of the image back, of focus. When you narrow down what's in focus to only a small part of the landscape, you getting the amazing effects in the photos above. This narrow range of focus simulates photos of miniature scenes or models. Using the camera to create these types of images involves two adjustments with a special lens, but this affect can be simulated digitally to images you've already taken. If you have Photoshop to manipulate your photos you can follow a tutorial. If you don't have Photoshop, just visit Tilt-shiftmaker.com, and begin experimenting with your photos. It's wonderfully fun. Tilt-shift away and enjoy!

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For a change miniature photography. Refreshingly entertaining. Nice shots!