Urban Pooch

This is pretty cool. It took me a bit to get it because it's not explained on the site, but Lisa Thomas has designed a multi-functional item for the Urban Pooch. It seems to have a lower and upper storage container and to elevated (better ergonomics) bowls for eating and drinking. Then there is a handle and it lifts from the lower storage space for easy travel. Interesting huh. Scroll through the web site and you can see the design process as well. And if that little Lab puppy isn't the most adorable thing you've seen today, well I just don't know what.


Lisa Thomas said...

thanks for the comments :) much appreciated :)

Susan said...

Hi Lisa, Wow the designer herself. How did you find us? I just thought this was so amazing, but I'm wondering if I got it right. If not can you further explain this great item. One other thing. Is it in production and where can it be purchased?
Thanks for stopping and commenting.