Dale Chihuly Series Continues

And so we continue with the amazing class work of Dale Chihuly. These are Dale's Seaforms which sprung from his basket collection previously posted. By adding the ribbing to the forms, Dale found that not only were they stronger but they took on a seaform life of their own. He went with this to amazing results. You can see the movement in water, the shells, the anemones and jellyfish.

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Raf M said...

I thought Ive seen it all when Chihuly's plant-like sculptures blew me away (mind, at that time, I was only at Wikipedia!). Nothing really prepared me for Seaforms. They really look their best at close-up, the only way to appreciate the texture, color etc. More of Chihuly and his early inspirations, Italian Maestro L. Tagliapietra here.