Driinn Mobile Phone Holder

I saw the Driinn Holder in a museum store the other day and thought it was a great little design. I always have my mobile on the kitchen counter while it charges, and it's invariable in the way. Instant smart looking resolution to the problem and it's only $12.50.


PM said...

We love our Drinn too. Bought them here is Copenhagen and with all the wires wound up so neatly it makes for less mess. I was wondering how it didnt do the blog rounds. I am glad you wrote about it.

Susan E. Snyder said...

Thanks for writing. I guess most bloggers thought it was too simple to blog about, but even the simplest items can be so well designed.

alfred said...

Mobile phones are now a must have product in business. I remember when stressball phone holders first hit the market about fifteen years ago when this was not necessarily the case.