Cement Planters By Pull And Push

These cement planters from Pull + Push have a great modern architectural design to them that is all the more interesting due to the fact that they are each a little less than perfect. I think the are sublime.


Soleil Outdoor Furniture

A fresh design to add interest to outdoor living, Soleil is perfect for lounging and entertaining. Constructed of steel mesh, it features a powder-coat finish for added durability and three color options. At Room & Board.


One Smart Car

As you may have seen in a previous post here, I'm a Smart Car fan. If your thinking about getting one you better get moving because the waiting lists in the US are growing. The Smart Car web site now has a car delivery date estimator which is accurate within 90 days. That just goes to show you how hard it is to get a good thing nowadays.

The Spa At Nemacolin

With a mix of Asian and modern design, The Spa at Nemacolin Woodland Resort in Western Pennsylvania is not only a luxurious retreat, it's a wonderful design feast. You can take many of the ideas you'll see there and apply them to your personal space.



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Garbo Affordable Accent Seating

Finishing off a living or entertaining space can cost a pretty penny. Garbo Contemporary Furniture offers some very affordable options in accent seating that will compliment just about any design sensibility.


Wall Of Water

A friend of mine is designing his new salon and I have offered my services with the interior. We were talking about having a wall of water and I thought of a restaurant I love called Soba in Pittsburgh. They have this wonderful wall of water on slate tiles. The water forms a continuous sheet down the slate that is hard to capture in photos but I find it so beautiful and tranquil in person.


Silver Manzanite Tree

Whether you're looking for a sculptural piece or jewelry storage and display, this Silver Manzanite Tree is stunning. What a fabulous addition to any decor.


Jewelry From Mio Studio

Mio Studio successfully combines natural wood grains with metal and cable for a unique modern look. It's organic and industrial at the same time and so expertly executed.


Paige Russell Ceramics

Paige Russell's work is pure of form and color. Her Sprout series has a wonderful modern look and is so usable. She has great talent.


Christa Coconut Lamps

These Coconut Lamps from Christa have so much character in the coconuct wood and yet they sport a throwback shape to mid-century modern design. They come in a variety of sizes and shade options to suit any room. A beautiful way to bring an organic elemment into your modern space.


Aqualife Circling Shower

I find many self contained showers to be quite utilitarian looking and lacking in good design. The Aqualife Circling shower is a wonderful exception. It has a minimal modern look while still providing all the bells and whistles such as 10 massage jets, a radio and mp3 player jack. I could get used to facing this every morning.


Modern Fountain

I don't think I've featured a fountain until now, and it's not because I'm anti-fountain. I just think it's very hard to find interesting, well designed fountains. With every home goods store in the US selling low end fountains they all look pretty much the same, cheep. But this is an exception. The Falling Water Fountain is sharp looking and comes in this great blue but can be special ordered in other colors. It has a universal appeal that is modern, Zen, and would even fit in a traditional designed space.


Outdoor Color

Add some color to your outdoor environment with these cool accessories.

Pod Outdoor Lounger

Pod is an outdoor lounger constructed of lightweight, structural foam with WeatherTex marine grade vinyl exterior. It has give to it so it conforms to your body. It's a great modern look in white for relaxing.


The Lovely LAX Series Furniture

The LAX Series is Zen like furniture that is both refined and relaxed. It's sleek minimal lines are paired with beautiful wood for an organic looking modernism. The metal doors slide to give a multitude of storage and display options in this cleverly designed group of furniture.


Rose And Radish, Round

These images are from Rose and Radish's most recent show entitled Round. Check out more images from the show and shop the store at their web site.