Dwell - The Now 99

I was so impressed by the May 2012 issues of Dwell, The Now 99, that I wanted to share some of the comments the Editor-in-chief, Amanda Dameron, made in the notes section of the magazine. For me, her views summed up my draw to great design and what pushes me to try to achieve it in my jewelry work.

"What we knew we didn't want for our inaugural Now 99 (issue) was an ephemeral snapshot or an arbitrary evaluation of nowness. In this hyper-paced culture of immediacy, in which we are constantly barraged by new information and images, the 'what's hot right this instant' brand of journalism is better left to our digital brethren. We want to use this space to explore what endures, and how impactful design can change everything.... We also pay homage to the ideas of the past that still resonate today, even in this saturated landscape of voices and visuals."

If you haven't seen this issue of Dwell, run out and get yourself one! It's worth every penny.

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