Modern Beauty in Rattan By Hiroomi Tahara

The Relation Collection by Hiroomi Tahara is constructed with metal tubes and a surface that is woven over them with rattan. The result is an interesting form that accents the leg structure underneath. It has a modern and organic look combined with great structural strength. Photos by Lorenzo Nencioni via MOCO


Josephine Repetto Lighting

Lighting designs by Josephine Repetto. An interesting combination of organic forms and modern lines. Featured on Touch of Modern. 


Home Anthology, Great Place to Shop

Rob and Nini started out by simply trying to furnish their home with interesting pieces at a modest price. This morphed into Home Anthology in 2002, which was a small selling space in an antique co-op filled with a mix of styles. Today, Home Anthology is a 5,000 square-foot space in Maryland, with a focus on mid-century modern design.

Their buying criteria... it has to be something they love and would put into their own home. In my opinion, they're gem finders. Add this to your list of regular online visits, and if you're ever in Baltimore, they're only 15 minutes away.

Houzz, Collecting Design Resources For Your Home

Houzz is an amazing website for anyone who loves home design.  The large staff has compiled a collection of over 400,000 interior and exterior photographs, engaging articles, product reviews and social tools to discuss and store your favorite ideas. It's not just for the modernist either, browse by room or by style. If you need to hire a pro, they have a huge database of designers, builders and architects from all over the world, which includes reviews and photos of their work. Thanks Houzz!


Mid-century Modern Landscape Project


HGTV's show Outer Spaces is a surprise make over for your yard. Since it's that time of year I thought I'd share one of their more modern projects. Nice!


Modern Container Gardening

Here is a very hip idea. The 21st century answer to small space container gardening, helping those in need and recycling.

"We first saw this amazing idea for a vertical urban garden on treehugger.com about a month ago, and we've been thinking about it ever since. It's absolute genius!  The cool upcycled urban garden shown was made for a poor family of three living in outer São Paulo, Brazil, by design studioRosenbaum, which collaborates with the TV show Caldeirao do Huck in a segment called Lar doce lar (Home Sweet Home)."  jen betterley via Parent Map.